The completely free 10 day Mini-Course is perfect for anyone who is interested in creating a new business but is unsure of where to begin. 

Learn from the years of experience building real membership sites.  Learn the actionable step by step process it takes to create a successful business. 

Here's what are in the mini course modules - 

Module 1 - Introduction 

Module 2 - What is a Membership Site?

Module 3 - Benefits of a Membership Site

Module 4 - Do Membership Shites Work?

Module 5 - How Much Money Can You Expect to Make?

Module 6- How Do I Sell Memberships?

Module 7 - How Do I provide Worth to My Members?

Module 8 - Selling Other Profucts to Members 

Module 9 - How Do I get My Site Noticed? 

Module 10 - The Next Steps 

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